82DVY reporting for duty

A place to come on in, warm your feet by the fire, pour yourself a large house double, and say hello . Let us know as much and as little about yourself as you're prepared to put on a forum.
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82DVY reporting for duty

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Hello gang,

Hope everyone is keeping well!

Well as a 'part time' user of the forum I feel like I've missed out on something 'big' here!?!

Anyway I'll ask no questions and just be grateful of a new home.

Sadly the timing is coincidental with me needing to sell my GP as the daily driver imminently needs to be a up-sized to a family car.

On a brighter note that also means I'm going to be a dad! :)


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Re: 82DVY reporting for duty

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Life deals us these cards..... !!

Never sell the GP - sell everything else - always keep the GP

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