Hello from a delivery mileage GP2 owner

A place to come on in, warm your feet by the fire, pour yourself a large house double, and say hello . Let us know as much and as little about yourself as you're prepared to put on a forum.
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Hello from a delivery mileage GP2 owner

Post by D J » Sat Sep 01 2018 - 1:24 pm

Hello all GP owners. Just joined up after buying myself a GP2 with delivery mileage on it. Will post some pics up later in the year when i get chance. I have been in the Ford RS club for many years owning quite a few special low mileage cars but i fancied a change and after looking at all sorts a GP2 ticked all the right boxes. I owned a 1275gt as my first car and was mini mad as a young un so i guess im coming home again lol. It does seem quiet on here but lets hope if a GP3 comes out it helps to boost the activity a bit. I guess the GP badge is still in its early days compared to other long standing brands but there must be enough enthusiasts out there already with a GP1 and 2 to make an active scene. Cheers Dave :D

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Re: Hello from a delivery mileage GP2 owner

Post by dwbrown » Sat Sep 01 2018 - 6:48 pm

Nice, welcome to the brotherhood :-)
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