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Sean sheep
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Post by Sean sheep » Sun Feb 26 2017 - 4:08 pm

Hi guys , most of you will know me from the GP owners club facebook group i run...
Ive had a total of 4 GP1's in all, and i converted two of them into 4 seaters ,which i was able to revert back to standard in about 30mins.. ive been on the GP scene for over 7 years now..
i was one of the original founders with Neil of the orginal GPUKOC forum which had now ceased through no fault of the admin or mod team.( just one person who would not listen to us and lost the passion IMO ).
Even though i dont own a GP anymore my passion and knowledge is still alive.I only sold my GP's because me and my family have emergrated and we suffer terrible sandstorms being on a rural island only 60 miles from the Western Sahara Desert, so the paintwork of a GP would be ripped off. So i sadly had to sell them all and my motorbike collection to make the move..

I drive a VW multivan and a Hyundai people carrier/van now :-(

I look forward to communicating with you

ex 0774 , ex 0797 , ex 1519 , ex 1732 All GP1's (Only sold because we emergrated)

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