Second time around with a GP 1!

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Second time around with a GP 1!

Post by jdevally » Tue Mar 27 2018 - 11:07 am

Hi All,

I bought a GP 1 over 2 years ago and sold it after 6 months - regretted selling it a week later.
Started the hunt 18 months ago for another one and eventually found one I wanted in Southern Ireland!
I think it is number 0646 (it has been stuck in my garage whilst I await the DVLA UK number to arrive so I'm not 100% about the roof number) but I am so happy with it.
It has done 37k miles and is virtually immaculate bar a couple of stone chips.

I'm tempted to add it to my small collection of classics and buy a higher mileage one to use regularly.

It's great to own one again and it's great news that someone has taken on this forum.



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